Doula Services & Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Having completed comprehensive training to become a Doula, I discovered a new passion – the wonderful world of doula-ing!  A doula provides emotional and practical support before, during and after a pregnancy.

Attending a birth is the greatest privilege. It is always an honour to be involved and to be present at such a precious and intimate moment. My primary focus is the mother’s welfare and needs, whilst supporting the rest of the family too. I frequently attend births as an obstetric acupuncturist and as a doula, often combining the two roles for incredible results.

All doula services can be combined with acupuncture pre-birth packages to offer you a bespoke birth service meeting your specific needs. The pre-birth acupuncture programme, includes weekly treatments from 36 weeks to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience. Following this, acupuncture from 40 plus weeks can offer huge benefits. I am always delighted to chat about your needs so please do get in touch with any questions. 

Doula Packages are available to support you and much of the antenatal doula work can take place via video meetings online to accommodate any challenges with meeting in person, please get in touch for more information.